Once in a Lifetime Chance

Follow along with a live couple doing therapy with Bill Doherty using The Doherty Approach.

A couple has graciously agreed to being recorded to help the couples therapy field. They have been working with Bill for 5 sessions in Discernment Counseling (the wife has been seriously considering divorce). The individuals are ready to have a new type of couples therapy (past therapy hasn't been successful) and YOU get to join this unedited, nearly real-time therapy with Bill!

We did the first four sessions and had such great feedback and people who wanted to continue that we are doing the next four as well. And we are opening this up for you to join now!

What you need to know

  • Every therapist in The Doherty Approach gets the raw, unedited recording of the couple therapy sessions (with active membership).
  • This offer is for Bill’s analysis and answers to your questions. You are invited to the Q&A webinar after each session. You can join live or receive the recording. You get the previous recording of the Q&A calls that you can watch to catch up if you like.
  • This being a live case, questions will only pertain to the current session, so if you're interested in watching live, you must join by April 20th to take part in Bill's analysis and Q&A.
  • This offer is for 4 couples therapy sessions with 4 Q&A webinars (plus other questions submitted online). These and the previous four recordings of the couple's sessions Q&A calls and sessions will be available in your members area. This offer does not require you to be on the live webinars (if you upgrade, you get the recordings), for which we do not have dates in advance because it's an active case with three people's schedules to coordinate.
  • There are no refunds for this offer and we do not offer CEs.