Rant: Commitment is Invisible In Our Field

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Unveiling the Significance of Commitment in Couples Therapy

As an experienced relational therapist, I’ve observed the evolution of couples therapy over decades. Yet, amidst this transformation, one crucial element has slipped from prominence: commitment.

The Evolving Landscape of Couples Therapy

In recent contemplation, I’ve been struck by the invisibility of commitment within couples therapy. From its origins in marriage counseling to its current guise as couples therapy, the essence of commitment seems lost.

Commitment to the relationship and the therapeutic process is indispensable for success in couples therapy. Unfortunately, our modern discourse often sidelines this essential component.

The Invisible Thread: Commitment in Couples Therapy

Clients embarking on the journey of couples therapy implicitly commit to confronting issues, facing uncomfortable truths, and actively engaging in healing. Regrettably, this commitment is frequently overlooked or dismissed.

The Implicit Covenant: Commitment in Client Engagement

Without a foundational commitment to the relationship, couples therapy’s efficacy is compromised. It’s akin to constructing a house on unstable ground; without commitment, the structure crumbles under pressure.

The Fragility of Therapy Without Commitment

The disheartening contrast between the significance of commitment in marriage and its neglect in therapy sessions is palpable. Marriage epitomizes commitment, yet within therapy, its weight seems to dissipate.

Therapist’s Mission: Reclaiming Commitment in Therapy

As therapists, it’s our responsibility to reposition commitment at the forefront of couples therapy. We must empower clients to reaffirm their commitment to each other and the therapeutic process.

However, witnessing the field’s failure to address this issue is frustrating. Commitment should form the cornerstone of couples therapy, not an afterthought.

Conclusion: Revitalizing Commitment in Couples Therapy

In conclusion, though invisible, commitment permeates every facet of couples therapy. It’s time for therapists and the field at large to reawaken to its importance. By revitalizing the lost art of commitment, we can guide couples through relational challenges, fostering resilience and enduring commitment.