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Of Couples Therapy and get traction in sessions right away!

Let’s get real.

You’re here because you are either curious about how Bill Doherty has worked with couples for over 40 years, or you think there must be a way to avoid core gridlocks in couples therapy.

Either way, welcome!

Couples therapy is part of the broad 120+ year old tradition of psychotherapy, and it must adapt to the times.

Many clients coming for couples therapy have been in past therapy.
Some have read the same books you have!

The good news is that a therapy-experienced spouse might be willing to open up emotionally right away in couples sessions.

The bad news? This partner may act like a co-therapist telling their partner AND YOU what needs fixing. Put another way, prior individual therapy can lead to this stance: “I’ve done my work, now it’s your turn, buddy!”

If both partners have done therapy, they may be talkers instead of doers, filling sessions with mutual analysis and maybe with doubts about your work with them.

Bill has ways to work with therapy-savvy spouses that do not appear in standard couples therapy training.

The structure at the beginning and the end of a session really works for me

I love it that several of my clients have responded to my agenda question with, "I knew you were gonna ask that and I was thinking about that on the drive over." The structure at the beginning and the end of a session really works for me AND my clients to focus on what they did and what they will do to move the relationship forward.

Susan McDonald-Conroy

Another contemporary challenge for couples therapists is the wealth of potential approaches to take to a couple’s problems.

(In the old, old days of couples therapy, there was some version of psychodynamic models—or you just winged it.)

Nowadays, you have a rich menu of options:


Family of Origin



Communication Skills

How do you choose what to focus on in each moment in each session?

Bill has developed a way to set priorities in couples sessions, no matter what your model, to scaffold interventions so that there is “no intervention before its time.”

The Doherty Approach offers a structure that gets both partners involved from the outset of therapy and the opening of each session—again, no matter what model you use.

We also offer a particular emphasis on illuminating both people’s shared contributions to their problems, in plain language, that gets past focusing on what’s wrong with the other spouse.

Our structure greatly diminishes negativity between the partners from the first moments of the therapy.

The Doherty Approach

For a very low-risk price, let your curiosity lead you to our bite-sized, video-based course material. Our goal for you is to immediately shift something in your very next session.

You are a great fit if any of the following statements apply to you:

  • I’d love to get fast traction with both people, so they both leave every session with something valuable and actionable to do between sessions.
  • I would love more frames for couple interaction patterns. I know that there is a lot more to couple dynamics than the popular in our models. Not everything comes down to the pursuer/distancer pattern. We teach 14 Interaction patterns (plus more therapists can get entangled in, on the three-way work!)
  • I prefer to use everyday language with couples, not professional jargon.
  • I want to avoid coming across as didactic when I have something to teach couples. In other words, teaching without sounding like a teacher!
  • I could use help in bringing both partners along with what I see as their main issues—and get them on board quickly.
  • I’d like to learn how to handle “yes, but’s” in couples therapy—when clients disagree with what I offer them.

Our trainees pick and choose what works well for them now and what they’d like to try out from our work.

Many feel a great sense of relief that they are no longer chasing one or both clients or working way harder than the couple. Bill has a “stuck therapy” protocol that allows a respectful conversation about whether to continue the therapy or sunset it. Learn to avoid dragging couples along until they “get too busy” to reschedule. This is quite a liberating concept to many therapists!

Our subscription cost is low, and if you’re not happy, you can cancel, no hassle, anytime. We’ve designed this very interactive material to give you direct access to the master trainer, Bill Doherty, but set at your pace, interview style with his therapist-trained daughter who can poke and prod in each lesson to ensure your possible questions are answered inside each lesson.

At the end of the session, they both began showing deeper understanding of their role

As a therapist trained in Gottman Method, I typically do a full Gottman assessment and mostly encourage couples to engage in a dyadic way rather than speaking directly to me during 90 minute sessions.

I finally bulked up enough courage to try out The Doherty Approach with a new couple seeking help for a very specific problem (around in-laws) and felt very nervous going into my second TDA session (50 minutes) for the first time.

I'm really amazed by how using the Scene-It, traction skills, and banter helped build quite a bit of traction early on (and with a wife who expressed quite a bit of contempt toward her husband and skepticism about the therapy process during the consultation). They were able to identify some key critical incidents around in-law problems, and at the end of the session, they both began showing deeper understanding of their role in their interaction pattern, and smiled at me as we were saying goodbye!

I know not to see this as a slam-dunk case, but I just wanted to share that this session went way better than I thought it might go.

Courtney Shen Deshetler

Start Immediately!

I found it amazing!

I found it amazing and it's already changed the way I practice couples therapy. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. I can't wait for more videos!

Betsey Lebow, LMFT

So, what do you get?

The Entire Course Plus All Additional Membership Content at One Locked-In Rate

We're replacing traditional training levels, live-only training events, and upselling later to get more advanced material. Everything we create exists in this membership at your locked-in rate.

No Set Schedule of Completion

No mandatory material to complete in any given week. We hope you settle into a therapy nerd version of Netflix where you can get online and consume as much or little material as your schedule allows.

Fresh Content

There will always be new material beyond the core training released each month.


We share all the questions and Bill's answers with everyone as they come in, so you are always learning from others, as well as able to ask your own questions via email.



Live recordings of Bill using The Doherty Approach with a couple in therapy

The recorded therapy sessions are absolutely wonderful!

The recorded therapy sessions are absolutely wonderful! I have just started watching the first ones and they contain so much valuable content on how Bill works. They show his soft skills and mini interventions of pivoting and holding the couple accountable etc. Honestly, I believe that they give the TDA subscription a whole new dimension, because they contain a lot of even smaller skills that Bill possesses that don't feature in the other videos.

Frank Sattler

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take?

The core training is self-paced but includes add-on material that grows over time because of interaction with our community. Some therapists move fast, others take many months to get through the material. You’re under no pressure in any given week or month. Our pricing is to build a sustainable, engaged community. Our goal is you stick around! As of right now we have over 35 hours of content but broken up well with most lessons being 10 minutes or less for easy consumption.

What format is the material in?

Everything is audio/video (downloadable for the car or working out.) We have handouts on the key aspects of the training.

What support do I get?

We answer all lesson specific questions directly with Bill! You get access to everyone's questions and our answers. There is no membership at this price point that gets you direct access to the master trainer! Codi is there to support you with anything membership or logistical like logging in problems, anytime.

Are there CEs available?

No, we do not offer CEs for this.

Refunds and cancelation?

The TDA monthly membership does not offer refunds but you can cancel anytime and not be charged again in the future.

The annual membership offers a 30 day refund from the time of FIRST purchase, not annual renewal, as you get many email reminders of your annual renewal.